Tuina Massage
Two Weeks Massage Course
Time Morning Afternoon
Day 1 Clinical Practice Tuifa-Pushing, Mofa-Kneading
Day 2 Clinical Practice Gunfa-Rolling, Nafa-Grasping
Day 3 Clinical Practice Bofa-Plucking, Anfa-Pressing
Day 4 Clinical Practice Yaofa-Rotating, Qianfa-Stretching
Day 5 Clinical Practice Banfa-Pulling, Koufa-Pounding
Day 6 Clinical Practice Head and Neck Massage
Day 7 Clinical Practice Upper Extremities Massage
Day 8 Clinical Practice Back Massage
Day 9 Clinical Practice Abdominal Massage
Day 10 Clinical Practice Lower Extremities Massage

Foot  Reflexology Massage
Date Morning Afternoon
Day 1 Origin and Development of Foot Reflexology, Main Manipulation methods Location and indication of Points on the Foot Reflex Zone
Day 2 Location and indication of Points on the Foot Reflex Zone Techniques for health care
Day 3 Therapy of common diseases-headache, vertigo Therapy of common diseases-cervical spondylosis
Day 4 Therapy of common diseases-back pain and lumbago Therapy of common diseases-joint pain
Day 5 Therapy of common diseases-digestive system diseases Therapy of common diseases-gyneocological diseases

  Foot reflexology is based on the principle that the foot is like a chart of the body: divided into ten reflex zones, it is a mirror image of the body. If you look at a reflexology chart, you can see that each reflex zone corresponds to a part of the body. Specific manipulation and pressure of reflex points reduces and eliminates blockages in the corresponding glands or organs, and therefore restores a healthy balance.
Benefits of foot reflexology

  • release stress and tension
  • improve blood circulation and activates lymph drainage
  • assist in elimination of toxins
  • strengthen the immune system and harmonises vital functions
  • enable a deep state of relaxation and well being
  • ease pregnancy, labor and delivery 


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