Advanced Course
Advanced Course of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Time: Jan.5 – Apr.5 and Aug.5 – Nov.5
Textbook: Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Tuition: 25,000 Chinese Yuan
Certificate: Issued by China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

Studying Goal:
Through three months studying, participants will be able to acquire
1: Participants can systematically understand basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ), apply yin-yang and five elements to completely know physiological and pathological process of body, know the thinking of TCM including whole entity and treatment according to differentiation.
2: Participants can systematically know zang-fu theory, understand physiological functions of zang-fu organs, find out differences to understand body physiology and pathology given by TCM and Western medicine, grasp properties of five elements of five zang and six fu organs, so further apply relations of five elements to analyze and understand physiological and pathological relations among zang-fu organs.
3: Participants can grasp basic theory of acupuncture and moxibustion, completely know structure and functions of meridians system based on understanding fourteen meridians.
4: Participants can take more practice of diagnosis based on studying four diagnostic methods of TCM, further know more professional tongue and pulse diagnosis. So that participants can adequately collect symptoms of patients for differentiation based on completely grasping skill of diagnosis.
5: Participants completely grasp 250 points including location, functions, indications, clinical application and method. Participants also learn new application of points on modern acupuncture clinic.
6: Based on skillfully grasping acupuncture techniques such as insertion, manipulation, retaining and withdrawal of needle, participants will study various techniques of reinforcing and reducing of acupuncture. They will also learn techniques of moxibustion, cupping and other methods, ear acupuncture and scalp acupuncture including location, stimulation method and clinical application.
7: Participants will study various differentiation methods with core on eight principles differentiation and zang-fu differentiation, learn meridian differentiation and apply these methods to fully know diseases and guide acupuncture treatment.
8: Based on skillfully applying basic theory of TCM studied before, participants can grasp ability to differentiate and treat 40 commonly seen clinical diseases and some difficultly treated disorders including points prescription and methods.
Period: 420 hours of theoretical and clinical training are arranged for each three-month course
Way of teaching: in the first week theoretical study both in the morning and in the afternoon, afterwards, clinical training in the hospital in the morning and theoretical study in classroom in the afternoon.
On completion of the course, certificate will be issued to those who have passed the examinations (middle, final & clinical).

A: The time of three months courses is fixed and we launch them every year at the same time.
B: Invitation letter – Please give us copy of passport; fill application form; copy of educational certificate or diploma by email.
C: Registration fee – 20% of tuition (for example, advanced course costs 23,000 Chinese Yuan, registration fee is 4,600 Yuan) will be paid to school bank account after application and before applying invitation letter,  then 80% of tuition will be paid during first week of the course.
D: Registration fee refund -- After applying invitation letter, if student cancels the studying before the course, the 10% of tuition will be refunded (the other 10% is the cost of applying invitation letter).

E: Tuition refund -- After the course starts, if student cancels the studying, the 20% registration fee will not be refunded; the 80% of tuition will be calculated to refund according to how many days student has studied.


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