2022 Schedule
Offline courses:
1: German Basic Acupuncture Course
April 11th to May 6th
Tuition: 9,350 Chinese Yuan.
2: English Basic Acupuncture Course
April 15th to July 15th
Tuition: 22,000 Chinese Yuan.
See details at http://www.cbiatc.com/enindex/training/index/id/85.html
3: English Advanced Acupuncture Course
August 5th to November 4th
Tuition is 25,000 Chinese Yuan.
See details at http://www.cbiatc.com/enindex/training/index/id/86.html
4: German Advanced Acupuncture Course
September 5th to September 30th
Tuition: 9,350 Chinese Yuan.

Online courses:
90 minutes with 10 minutes break every time, each course is 10 studying hours.
1: Cosmetology and Weight Loss Course: March 14th to March 18th
March 14th Basic Theory
March 15th Acne
March 16th Wrinkle
March 17th Chloasma
March 18th Weight Loss
2: Diet Therapy Course: April 18th to April 22nd
April 18th Basic Theory
April 19th Diet to Tonify Kidney
April 20th Diet to Strengthen Spleen
April 21st Diet to Benefit Lung
April 22nd Diet to Beautify
3: Ear Therapy Course: June 20th to June 24th
June 20th Basic Theory
June 21st Ear Points
June 22nd Ear Points
June 23rd Manipulation
June 24th Clinical Application
4: Diagnosis Course: July 18th to July 22nd
July 18th Inspection (Tongue) and Smelling
July 19th Inquiring
July 20th Palpation (Pulse)
July 21st Differentiation of Eight Principles
July 22nd Differentiation of Zang Fu Organs
Remark: the courses will be opened when there are at least FOUR students.


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